Creating a FIFO using a synchronous burst dual-port RAM

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    Question: - Can I use a dual-port as a FIFO?  - If I am using the burst mode of a dual-port to create a FIFO, what should I do with the address lines?



    All Cypress synchronous dual-port SRAMs have internal counters that make them very easy to use as FIFOs. This is because these internal counters allow "burst mode" operation which allows the advancing of an internal address without changing the external address. This burst mode is described in more detail in the Knowledge Base article, "Burst Counter Operation." If you are not going to use the address lines at all, you should reset the internal counter on power up so that they are set to 0 (They can be in some undetermined state unless you fully reset the device). To be safe, though, I would pull all of the address inputs to ground. The dual-ports that come with burst counters include a counter reset signal that resets the internal counter to zero. Pulling the address lines to ground is just a backup in case you need to load an external address.