CY7C68300 / CY7C68300A - AT2 Configuration through EEPROM

Version 1
    Question: How can the configuration information in the EEPROM be modified for the AT2?



    In a lab setting the best way to program the AT2 is to use the AT2Blaster program. AT2Blaster is found on the development kit CD, along with a users guide for AT2Blaster. Here is what you will need to do:

    - Run AT2Blaster
    - Choose "Import" and select "import from file"
    - Browse to "Program Files\Cypress\AT2blaster\NVDataFiles" and select the only file there (.W56 file).
    - Then select "Export" and select "EEPROM" and "Send Data".
    For a manufacturing line, the choice would be to use the program called "SuperSite AT2". SuperSite AT2 can also be found on the reference design CD.