Multiple Sources driving the DAC Bus in PSoC 3/5

Version 1
    Question: I would like to drive two independent IDACs from two different data buses. How can I do this?


    There is only one DAC Bus Source available for IDACS and VDACs in PSoC 3/5 which means only one IDAC can have a hardware bus as input. However, you can use a multiplexer to place the DAC data on the DAC bus alternately and strobe the DACs. Refer diagram below for more clarity. The DACs should be strobed alternately i.e. when a strobe signal is applied to IDAC1, the data corresponding to IDAC1 should be present on the DAC bus. 
    One more approach is to multiplex the strobe inputs to the two DACs and placing the DAC data on the DAC bus accordingly.