CY7C68013A Serial EEPROM Read

Version 1
    Question: Is there a way to read the I2C EEPROM interfaced with EZ-USB from the host?



    Download the Vend_Ax example firmware (C:\Cypress\USB\Examples\FX2LP\Vend_ax) with the EZ-USB CyConsole and use the Vend Req toolbar to read the serial EEPROM on the board.

    Use the 0xA2 for a small (LC00) EEPROM and 0xA9 for a large (LC64) EEPROM. Specify the offset with the value field (such as 0x0000), the direction of EEPROM access (i.e., IN to read the EEPROM), and how many bytes to read.

    There should be a memory dump type display of the data read from the serial EEPROM in the data area of the CyConsole window. If a string of "CD CD CD .." appears, then the access to the EEPROM failed. Try again with 0xA9 if 0xA2 was used and vice versa. Also, verify that the EEPROM enable jumper is installed(if CY3684 is being used).