Where Can I Find Help in Creating an EEPROM Image?

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    Question: What is the correct procedure to create an EEPROM firmware image for FX2LP?



    If you only wish to burn a VID/PID into the EEPROM you can use our Vend_ax example and the EZ-USB CyConsole.

    If you wish to have your code in the EEPROM, the general process is to create a hex file and then use the hex2bix utility located in the Cypress\USB\bin directory.

    For example:
    Create a hex file, for example MyFile.hex that is linked to internal memory
    Place a copy of the MyFile.hex into Cypress\USB\bin
    Open a command prompt and navigate to cypress\usb\bin
    Type hex2bix, a syntax help screen will be displayed
    Type hex2bix -i -c 0x00 -f 0xC2 -c 0x00 myfile.iic myfile.hex and press enter (the 0xC2 is for the FX2)
    Your iic file will be located in the cypress\usb\bin directory.

    You can then press the LgEEPROM button on the EZ-USB CyConsole and navigate to the directory where the image is and download it.