Functionality of NX2LP Programming Utility

Version 1
    Question: What happens between opening the NX2LP Programming Utility and Programming the NAND flash device?



    The moment the NX2LP programming utility is opened and the NX2LP Flex kit is connected to the computer with a NAND Flash chip slotted in the kit, the utility tries to identify the NAND Flash chip connected. Once identified, the utility checks if the NAND Flash has any valid code within. If present, the connection status changes according to the code on the Flash, else it downloads the hex file of the NX2LP firmware onto the RAM and the connection status changes to ‘Connected to NX2LP Unprogrammed’. Hence, every time an unprogrammed NAND flash is slotted into the NX2LP kit, the device comes up with PID of 4617, as mentioned in the descriptor file of NX2LP firmware, as NX2LP-Unprogrammed.