Low speed support for SX2

Version 1
    Question: Does the SX2 support Low-speed (1.5 MBps)? Are there other Cypress devices that only provide support?



    SX2 does not support the low-speed signaling rate of 1.5 Mbits/sec.

    However, Cypress offers low-speed USB microcontrollers that provide powerful, flexible, integrated solutions for a wide range of USB applications. The devices feature the 8-bit RISC core with RAM, OTP PROM, USB logic, and a USB transceiver all integrated into a single device. Please point your browser to "http://www.cypress.com".

    (1)  Click on the "Products" tab.
    (2)  Click on "USB Low Speed Peripherals" under the listing of "USB Controllers".
    (3)  Click on the part number to download its datasheet.