Generating PCI Signals for the CY7C68013 FX2

Version 1
    Question: Can the FX2 generate PCI-type signals by writing appropriate firmware to interface with a graphics controller?




    In order to design this interface you will need a PCI_DP bridge solution to interface with the PCI device and the FX2. We recommend you look at our PCI interface controller . The CY7C09449PV is one of the PCI interface controllers in the Cypress Semiconductor PCI-DP family. The CY7C09449PV provides a PCI master/target interface with direct connections to many popular microprocessors. It provides 128 Kb of dual-port SRAM that is used as shared memory.

    There is an application note that describes an electrical connection between the Cypress CY7C09449PV PCI-DP, (a 128K bit Dual-Port SRAM with PCI Controller), and the Texas Instruments TMS320LC31 digital signal processor. It can be found here.