Difference between GPIF Tool and GPIF Designer

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    Question: What is GPIF Designer and How Does It Differ from GPIF Tool?



    The GPIF Designer replaces the GPIF Tool as the utility used to design and generate GPIF waveform descriptors for the EZ-USB FX and FX2 parts. You can download it here.

    The main difference between the GPIF Designer and the GPIF Tool is the new graphical user interface (GUI) that allows you to "draw" GPIF waveforms and configure the GPIF interface using a block diagram view. GPIF Designer is much easier to understand and use, and has an online help system to get you started with your GPIF design.

    GPIF Designer takes a different approach to creating GPIF waveform descriptors in that it utilizes a waveform centric model, rather than a state centric model. It also has tools for importing waveform files ceated by GPIF Tool, which allows continued development and support of existing designs.