Can the External INT4 be Used With the GPIF/FIFO Auto- vectored Interrupts?

Question: Can the external INT4 be used along with the GPIF/FIFO auto vectored interrupts? Where will the processor vector for INT4 if both are enabled?



The INT4 interrupt is internally connected to the FIFO/GPIF interrupt by default. Optionally, it can function as External Interrupt 4 on the 100- and 128-pin FX2LP by setting the appropriate bit (INTSRC) in INTSETUP register If INTSRC = 0, INT4 is supplied by the pin externally. If INT4SRC = 1, INT4 is supplied internally from FIFO/GPIF sources. You cannot have both GPIF/FIFO and external INT4 enabled at the same time.