Changing  VID / PID without using Keil in AT2LP

Version 1

    Question: How to change VID / PID without using Keil in AT2LP?

    Response:1. Open Blaster.exe
                   2. Click "Read" Button in the "Read From Device" block in the "Device Settings" tab.
                   3. Go to "General Device Desc" tab and change the idVendor and idProduct columns.
                   4. Click on "Write to File" Button and save in the FX2LP-ATA>Software directory as AT2LP_PINOUT.iic 
                   5.  Run the combine.bat present in the same folder.

    combine.bat invokes hex2bix.exe. The build script will build a unified image by combining cy4611.hex with AT2LP_PINOUT.iic to produce a single EEPROM image CY4611_AT2LP_PINOUT.iic.