Single Chip NAND Flash interfacing/Hub possibility

Question: Is it possible to have a single chip solution for a device that acts as a mass storage device as well as a hub?



A single chip solution for a hub/NAND flash interface will not be possible. The NX2LP can be used to interface with a NAND Flash Chip and come up as a mass storage device.

However, it is not possible to use the NX2LP as a hub port as well. This is because the NX2LP was not made to function as a hub, so it does not have downstream D+/D- lines. Also, the internal architecture of NX2LP is different from that of a hub. A hub needs a transaction translator in order to perform its function, which is not present with the NX2LP. For the same reason, a hub can’t be used to interface with NAND Flash as well.