Part Number for the MiniProg1 target connector, 5-pin ISSP header in Miniprog3

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    Question: What is the part number of target connector for Miniprog1, 5-pin header in Miniprog3?



    The 5-pin connector in Miniprog1, Miniprog3 is used to program PSoC 1 devices using the In-System Serial Programming (ISSP) interface.  ISSP is a Cypress legacy interface used to program the PSoC1 family of microcontrollers.The 5-pin connector in Miniprog1, Miniprog 3 is configured as a single row with 100 mil pitch. It is designed to mate with a Molex model 22-23-2051 straight male header (Digi-Key Part Number WM4203-ND), or 22-05-3051 right angle (Digi-Key Part Number WM4303-ND) male header , with key tab. The signal assignment is shown in figure below. It must be noted that MiniProg3 supports programming of PSoC1 devices using the 5-pin connector only. The 10pin connector in Miniprog3 does not support ISSP interface.