Effect of power amplifier value on range.

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    Question: How is the range related to the power amplifier value ? Is there a power amplifier recommended ?




    Increasing the PA value increases the power level of the RF sgnal transmkitted. However it is difficult to predict how far a radio can communicate in the presence of noise, multi-path, metal, water, and other RF-obstructing materials and situations. Furthermore, moving objects or a moving wireless node will cause range to vary a great deal as well. The closest thing to an objective metric is link budget.
    Receive (RX) sensitivity is a negative number so link budget should always be a positive number. One important thing to note about RX sensitivity is that arguably, it is a more important metric than TX power because a high RX sensitivity enables the radio to hear quieter signals. For the same output power, a radio with higher sensitivity achieves more link budget (range).
    Remember the rough rule of thumb that every 6dBm of link budget equates to about twice the range.
    More can be read about this here.
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