Transformer Options for the PLC High Voltage Reference Design

Version 1
    Question: Do you have any options for the transformers used in the PLC High Voltage Reference Design?



    We have tested options for the following two transformers:


    1.   Isolation Transformer for the Coupling Circuit (T1).
    2.   Power Transformer EE-16 for the Power Supply (T2).
    3.   24mH Common Mode Choke for the Power Supply (T3).

    The datasheets for T1, T2 and T3 are also attached with this KB.

    The following transformer options were tested:                                                                   

    1.   Renco EE16 Flyback Transformer SS40213 (T2).
    2.   Pulse Engineering PE-65812 (T1)
    3.   Myrra 74714 (T1)
    4.   VAC 5024-X044 (T1)

    Note that changing the transformer will require the PLC design to be recertified for compliance. Please open a support case asking for the transformer test report if you would like more information on the tests that were conducted and the results.