Maximum Junction Temperature and Power Consumption Calculator - KBA204198

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    Translation - Japanese: 最大ジャンクション温度と消費電力の計算 - KBA204198 - Community Translated (JA)



    How can I find the power consumption, maximum junction temperature and absolute maximum temperature of a memory part?



    The power consumption and maximum junction temperature within the operating range can be calculated following the steps provided in Application note 'AN4017 – Understanding Temperature Specifications: An introduction'.


    We have created a html tool for the same and are attached below. One is for Sync SRAMs and other one is for Async and nvSRAMs. You can use it to find Maximum Power Consumption and Maximum Junction Temperature for a Cypress SRAM part.


    The following is the absolute maximum junction temperatures for the SRAM families:


    Type of Memory deviceJunction temperature
    Sync SRAM125°C
    Async SRAM150°C