Differences between FX2 and FX2LP

Version 1
    Question: What are the differences between the EZ-USB FX2 (CY7C68013) and the new EZ-USB FX2LP (CY7C68013A) products?



    An overview of the feature difference between the FX2 (CY7C68013) and the FX2LP (CY7C68013A), are listed as follows:

    - Lower power

    - Expanded internal code/data RAM

    - ECC generation on GPIF data

    - Zero-length IN packets with no firmware intervention and Data PID sequencing

    - Additional GPIOs in smaller package (CY7C68015A)


    For more information refer the application note in the link Migrating From EZ-USB FX2(TM) to EZ-USB FX2LP(TM)