Eliminating need of EEPROM in FX2/FX2LP

Version 1
    Question: Is there any way I can eliminate the EEPROM usage/need in an FX2/FX2LP design?



    The EEPROM allows a user to overwrite the FX2/FX2LP default Cypress  VID/PID/DID with a user's  unique VID/PID/DID information. It is fine not to have an EEPROM  during the development phase and use the cypress default VID/PID for the development phase.  But  for the final product user must use their OWN VID/PID/DID.  This is a requirement  for getting the device USB certified. In order to overwrite the default cypress VID/PID/DID with the vendor VID/PID/DID an EEPROM is required to be on the I2C bus. 

    If you would like to eliminate the need for the EEPROM but yet have the Cypress default VID/PID/DID information overwritten by the vendors VID/PID/DID information,  you may do so with an external processor wired to the FX2.  Basically have firmware running on the external CPU that behaves like an I2C slave device: EEPROM.  The FX2/FX2LP  on power-up will probe the I2C  bus for the presence of an EEPROM and the external processor wired to the I2C  bus must respond like a slave EEPROM device providing the VID/PID/DID information..   

    This method is targeted for FX2/FX2LP designs that ALREADY have an external CPU/processor wired to the FX2/FX2LP that can provide the VID/PID/DID information via the I2C bus on power-up.