Mass Storage Class (MSC) driver

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    Question: Where to find the cypress specific Mass Storage Class (MSC) driver required for CY4611B and CY4615B? Why it is Cypress specific?



    The required drives is located at ''.

    Microsoft OS 2000/XP and beyond are released with built-in Mass Storage class (MSC) driver. So no other driver is required for mass storage compliant devices to work on these OS. For enhancing the functionality of EZ-USB parts like FX2/FX2LP/AT2/AT2LP, when used in MSC compatible applications, Cypress offers this proprietary driver. This driver is enhanced for supporting user control over interrupt driven events.

    For this driver 2 supporting documents are attached to this article:-

    1. Cypress USB 2.0 Mass Storage Device Driver for Windows
    This document describes the features available in Cypress driver, explains the usage of these features, identifies various files included with the driver, points out tips to get a digital signature and shows how the driver can be customized to change its behavior.

    2. How to Switch to a Cypress Customized Mass Storage Driver in Windows Operating Systems
    This document describes how to install new cypress MSC driver and switch from and to default mass storage driver, which is provided in various windows Operating Systems.