Using GPIF pins ( RDY / CTL pins) for GPIO functionality in FX1 / FX2 / FX2LP

Version 1
    Question: Can the GPIF RDYx and CTLx pins be used as generic input and output ports controlled directly by the 8051 when using the part in GPIF  mode?? Specifically, can I use the GPIFREADYSTAT registers to sample the states of the RDYx pins, and the GPIFIDLECTL register to control the states of the CTLx output pins?



    Once the part is set to operate in GPIF mode (IFCONFIG[1:0] set  to 10b) the 8051 can determine the current status of the RDYx inputs by reading GPIFREADYSTAT register.  The GPIFIDLECTL register sets the CTLx output to be in specific state. So, the 8051 can use this register to output values on
    the CTLx output lines when the GPIF is in IDLE state  and use teh GPIFREADYSTAT regsiter read the inputs on RDYx input pins.

    So, yes the GPIF CTLx/RDYx can be used as general purpose input and output pins using the GPIFREADYSTAT and GPIFIDLECTL respectively.   Be informed  that CTLx signals will obviously be affected once a waveform (GPIF transfer) is triggered.  Otherwise, if the GPIF is IDLE, the mentioned GPIF registers can be used to read/output values on RDYx/CTLx pins.