TetraHub during RESET

Version 1
    Question: What happens on resetting the TetraHub using the RESET# pin? Does the TetraHub re-enumerate? What states are the I/O pins? What state are the SPI_CS, SPI_SD and SPI_SCK in during reset? Is the EEPROM queried again on a reset?



    This RESET# pin will reset the entire chip. Everything is reset on RESET#. TetraHub will actually be in an unaddressed, unconfigured state, waiting for a USB bus reset and enumeration. For the states of the IOs, note that most of the resets in the chip are synchronous. So, at power-up, before the clock is running, they really can be unknown. Towards the end of reset, the SPI_SCK should be driving, SPI_SD not. SPI_CS# will be driving as well. The EEPROM is reread.