Wireless Internet Connectivity for Embedded Devices for Bluetooth SMART


The Cypress WICED SMART™ Software Development Kit eases development effort and simplifies the implementation of wireless connectivity in an array of consumer, medical, fitness and home automation devices. It is a complete cable replacement for connecting to smartphones, tablets and PCs.


Developers use the WICED SMART™ development kit to create secure Bluetooth SMART wireless applications. The development kit consists of:

  • WICED SMART™ small form factor development board (with coin cell holder)
  • Software development kit
  • Quick Start documentation
  • Proximity reference board complete with sensors


The WICED™ SMART Development System enables Bluetooth SMART connectivity for:

  • Home, Health and Fitness (Proximity tags, Asset tracking, Heart Rate Monitors, Pedometers)
  • Sensors, Home Monitoring and Control (Weight scales, Fitness equipment, Blood Pressure Monitors, Fitness Wrist Bands)
  • Consumer (Toys, Games, Pet Tracking, Shoe Sensors)


WICED SMART™ Development Kits

Broadcom provides a WICED SMART™ Software Development Kit and is working with partners to deliver turnkey hardware solutions to enable Bluetooth Smart connectivity.

  • Allows access to peripherals, timers, stack and profiles
  • Supports ARM RealView RVDS and CodeSourcery G++ Lite tool-chains
  • Supports development on Linux, Windows and OSX
  • Integrated with an Eclipse IDE
  • Includes example applications