CY3267, CY3268 OCD and EEPROM issues

Version 1
    Question: The below two issues are encountered with the CY3267/CY3268:  1.While trying to connect to the debugger , the error message “Attached pod (00bf0022) is not compatible with the selected PSoC” is thrown. 2.While writing to the  EEPROM using the E2PROM module, the API 'E2PROM_bE2Write' returns a value of ‘-1’ indicating write failure.  Why is this so and what is the solution?




    There is a specific lot of the CY3267/CY3268 kits where in these two issues are encountered, which is due to a minor discrepancy in the SROM of the PowerPSoC on the board. Please note this issue is seen only on a small percentage of the CY3267/CY3268 and except for the issue with the OCD and the EEPROM, the rest of the functionalities work fine on these boards. 


    If you have one such CY3267/CY3268, please raise a Technical support case, preferably specifying the below details :


    1.When was the kit purchased?

    2. Where was the kit ordered from?

    3. What is the lot number of the kit?


    The lot number information can be found at the bottom side of the kit. We will cross check if the kit belongs to the affected lot and replace it as soon as possible.