What is WICED Wi-Fi?

Version 3

    Wireless Internet Connectivity for Embedded Devices (Wi-Fi and Bluetooth SmartBridge™)


    wiced_BCM943362WCD4_tb.pngUse the WICED Development System to create secure embedded wireless networking applications on an existing product microcontroller, or on an additional WICED module that includes a microcontroller. Either way, the comprehensive and size-optimized WICED application library and embedded Wi-Fi driver work together with a Broadcom® embedded wireless LAN chip to provide seamless wireless connectivity. Apple MFi HomeKit ready and Universal Bluetooth Smart to WLAN bridge designs are also available.


    If you need ultra low power wireless, use the included WICED SmartBridge™ API to provide seamless data aggregation and internet connectivity for WICED Smart devices as well.


    The WICED™ Development System enables Wi-Fi connectivity and Bluetooth bridging for:   

    • Home, Health and Fitness (Cameras, Speakers, Washers, Dryers, Fridges, Ranges)
    • Sensors, Home Monitoring and Control (Weight scales, Fitness equipment, Blood Pressure Monitors, Thermostats, Security Cameras, Alarms, Light switches)


    Find out more in our WICED™ Frequently Asked Questions section: View FAQ