eeprom.c and eeprom.h files missing in Vend_Ax example.

Version 1
    Question: I recently downloaded and installed the CY3684 development kit software. When I try to build the Vend_Ax example I get an error message saying that the eeprom.c and eeprom.h files are missing. What should I do?



    Please note that this is an identified bug in the CY3684/CY3674 development kit software for which a bug report is being submitted. A new release of this software with the fix will be uploaded on the website as soon as possible. Meanwhile, in order to fix this problem, you can include the attached eeprom.c and eeprom.h files with the Vend_Ax example. Please be advised that these files are applicable for both, CY3674 and CY3684 development kits.