Reprogramming the CY24LC64 EEPROM on the SX2

Version 1
    Question: How to reprogram the CY24LC64 EEPROM on the SX2 development kit board?



    1) On the SX2 development kit board, disconnect JP7 so that it SX2 doesn't power up when the FX board is plugged in.
    2) On the FX board, disconnect JP9 (EEPROM Connect).
    3) Remove the CY24LC64 from the SX2 EEPROM socket, and plug it into the EEPROM socket on the FX board.
    4) Plug in a USB cable to the FX board, then connect JP9 (EEPROM Connect) on the FX board.
    5) Download Vend_Ax.hex from C:\Cypress\USB\Examples\Ezusb\Vend_Ax via the EZ-USB Control Panel.
    5) In the "Vend Req" line of the EZ-USB Control Panel, change the field settings to: Req: 0xA9, Value: 0x0000, Index: (don't care), Length: 1, Dir: 0 OUT, Hex Bytes: FF.
    6) Press the "Vend Req" button.
    7) Disconnect the USB cable from the FX board.
    8) Connect the USB cable back to the FX board to enumerate with JP9 connected.
    9) Program the .iic file of choice using the "EEPROM" button on the EZ-USB Control Panel.
    10) If necessary, use the "Vend Req" line to program a specific byte pattern.
    11) Disconnect the USB cable from the FX board.
    12) Switch back the EEPROM from the FX board onto the SX2 board.
    13) Connect JP7 on the SX2 board.
    14) The SX2 development kit board is now ready to go with the new EEPROM image.
    15) Plug in the SX2 dev kit board.