Effect of Speed, Package Type and Die Revisions on Models

Version 1
    Question: When browsing the website for SRAM models, I have noticed that certain speeds have the same models while other models are package or revision specific. How do you know which models are affected by revisions, packages, or speed of the device.



     Behavioral models such as VHDL and Verilog models are not affected by die revisions, speed, or packages. So the VHDL/Verilog model for the CY7CxxxxB-100AC would be the same for the same part number with a later revision, greater speed and/or alternate package.


    IBIS models, on the other hand, are package and revision dependent but are not speed dependent.

    BSDL models, like IBIS models, are package and dependent; however, the speed and revision of the device are not relevant. For best results, please utilize the latest SRAM models, which can be located on our website.