GPIF Designer: Inconsistent IDLE States Error Message

Question: I'm using GPIF Designer v1.0.0.3. While experimenting with some waveforms, when I went to export to a gpif.c file, I received the following message in a pop-up window: "Inconsistent IDLE states were found in the waveforms of bank #1. For any given bank, all the waveforms must have identical IDLE states." What does this error mean and how do I fix it?



Typically, the Inconsistent IDLE state message comes up if you have any data or CTL action points on the IDLE state boundary that differ across waveforms. What needs to be consistent is actually the "level" of the data trace or CTL lines in the IDLE state. Usually, the used part of the waveform will be bracketed by two IDLE state bands. If you change the state of a data or CTL action point that resides on one boundary of the IDLE state, the tool will the change the "level" of the data trace or CTL line on the other boundary to keep them consistent.

Unfortunately, in v1.0.0.3 there are some rare instances where you get stuck and can't export to a gpif.c file. 

This problem is fixed in v1.0.0.6 and later. Please download the latest version from our website.