Finding a Crystal for the FX2 (CY7C68013) / Crystal requirement for FX2

Version 1
    Question: I am having trouble locating a crystal that meets your specifications for the EZ-USB FX2 microprocessor. Could you recommend a vendor and possibly a part number of this crystal?



    FX2 (not FX2LP) requires crystal with the following characteristics:

    ■ Parallel resonant
    ■ Fundamental mode
    ■ Frequency Stability: ±100 ppm
    ■ 500-uW drive level
    ■ 20–33 pF (5% tolerance) load capacitors.

    The part we use on our development board is the 20 pF version from ECS (ECS-240-20-4). We also place the 30 pF version, ECS-240-30-4.

    Please note FX2 is obsolete and the replacement part is FX2LP.