EEPROM Recommendation for FX2™ - KBA87933

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    Translation - Japanese: FX2™のEEPROM推奨 - KBA87933 - Community Translated (JA)



    Does Cypress still recommend the 64K EEPROM, as noted in the CY7C68013 FX2LP CY3684 Development Kit manual?



    The type of EEPROM used with the FX2LP (CY7C68013) varies by application. The 24LC64 64k EEPROM is used when the firmware is stored in, and loaded from, the EEPROM at startup. This device offers the largest useful size because it matches the loadable RAM area (8 Kbytes) of the FX2LP. You can use a smaller EEPROM depending on the size of the firmware object.


    If the firmware is loaded from the host, then a 24LC00 (16 bytes) is sufficient for storing VID/PID/DID and configuration byte information.