Difference between CY65113, CY65013 and CY65100 USB Hubs

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    Question: What is the difference between the CY65113, CY65013 and the CY65100 USB Hubs?



    The CY65100 is preprogrammed with a fixed function 4-port hub. The CY65100 is intended to be used in the 4-port hub reference design which is provided by Cypress, free of charge. In other words, developers cannot modify the firmware of this reference design.

    On the other hand, the CY65113 is a blank part. Using one of the hub reference firmware, developers can customize their hub design and program it on the CY65113.

    The CY65013 is also a blank part, but it support up to 7 port hub application while the CY65113 can only support 4 port hub application. The CY65013 and CY65113 allow customization.