Emulator feet and Programming adapter for 56-QFN device CY7C66113

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    Question: Where to get the emulation feet and programming adapter for 56-QFN device CY7C66113?



    The CY7C66113/CY7C66113C 56-QFN part does not have an emulator feet or programming adapter that is provided by Cypress. For emulation purposes, please use the 56-SSOP feet initially and then migrate to the 56-QFN. 

    There are 3rd party programmers that provide programmers for the 56-QFN 66113 Cypress part:

    BP Microsystems - The device appears as CY7C66113-56LFC.

    DataI/O and MQP Electronics also support the CY7C66113 devices. Please contact them directly regarding adapters/programmers for the QFN part.