Differences between the CY7C65100 and CY7C65113

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    Question: What is the difference between the hub chip CY7C65100 and the CY7C65113?



    The CY7C65113 has the same pinouts as the CY7C65100. The only difference is that the CY7C65113  is an OTP (one time programmable) part where as the CY7C65100 is not a programmable part. You can program the CY7C65113 with the firmware that runs on the CY7C65100. So there should not be any major changes needed when switching between these two products. The CY7C65100 firmware is based on our CKHub example that is provided with the 'Code Examples' available as part of the CY3654 and CY3654-P03 development kit.