Emulating the CY7C64013-SC

Question: What has to be done to emulate the SOIC package of the CY7C64013 using the CY733654D300 application board?



To emulate the CY7C64013-SC, you have two options.

1. If you simply want to use our CY733654D300 application board, you can use the DIP socket and the CY3654E301 adaptor (see table 1 in the CY3654-P03 Quick Start Guide). The CY7C64013-PC (DIP package) is functionally identical to the CY7C64013-SC (SOIC package).

2. If you have your own system with an SOIC footprint that you would like to use the emulator in, then you will need to purchase a DIP to SOIC adaptor from a third party. Please see the SOIC emulation section on page 5 of the CY3654-P03 Quick Start Guide.