Setup Time & Skew violation warning messages (STA) for a SPI based PSoC Creator project

Version 1

    Question: I'm getting around 33 warning messages when I compile a SPI based project in PSoC Creator. How to resolve them?


    Following are the format of warning messages you might be getting:

    sta.M0012: Setup time violation from clock "clock1" at "register1" to clock "clock2" at "register2".

    sta.M0010: The skew from clock "clock1" at "register1" to clock "clock2" at "register2" is "time1" ns. The skew is too large for a clock with period "time2 (< time1)" ns.

    Please check whether you have uncheked the "Clock Synchronization" for SPIM & SPIS input pins. You might see these warning messages because of this.


    This uncheking has to be done for all the input pins - MISO (SPIM) & MOSI, SCLK, SS (SPIS)

    Note: If you getting any STA warning message related to asynchronous nature, Please refer to this KB.