SMPTE standards supported by HOTLink family

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    Question: 1)How can I use the HOTLink1 parts in a SMPTE-259M application?2)Does Cypress have a part that supports the SMPTE 310M video standard?



    Within the HOTLink1 family of parts there was a SMPTE 259M video chipset. The CY7B9234/9334 (Transmitter/Receiver) and the CY7C9235/9335 (Srambler/Descrambler) was a SMPTE 259M solution, currently they are Obsolete. These parts supported the following Levels:
    1. SMPTE 259M Level C (270 Mbps, 525/625component)
    2. SMPTE 259M Level D (360 Mbps, 525/625component)

    In addition, a cable driver and equalizer will need to be used. Information on how to use the HOTLink 1 parts in a SMPTE-259M application can be found in two application notes (links are attached below). Adaptive Equalizers and Cable Drivers can be purchased from National Semiconductor. The parts we recommend are:
    CLC006 Serial Digital Cable Driver with Adjustable Outputs
    CLC007 Serial Digital Cable Driver with Dual Complementary Outputs
    CLC014 Adaptive Cable Equalizer for High-Speed Data Recovery

    Neither the HOTLink product family nor any other Cypress products support the SMPTE 310M standard for the following reasons:

    - SMPTE-310M uses bi-phase mark encoding, HOTLink uses the 8B/10B encoding scheme,
    - SMPTE-310M requires a synchronous serial interface to carry MPEG-2 transport bit streams at rates of up to 40Mb/s, HOTLinks lowest serial rate is 50Mb/s therefore is not compliant.

    For more detailed information please see the SMPTE-310M spec and compare it to HOTLink specifications.