ilinkw.exe shows up as a virus in PSoC Designer Service Pack 5.5

Version 1
    Question: "ilinkw.exe" file in PSoC Designer 5.0 SP5.5 is being detected as a virus. Is it a virus?



    No, this is not virus. Some legacy C compiler files in PSoC Designer were "packed". Some virus checking heuristics can interpret certain packed files as being infected and "ilinkw.exe" is one of them. This file is not necessary and may be safely removed if you are receiving a warning. This problem has been fixed in Service Pack 6. So, the two possible solution for this problem are as follows:

    1. Update to the latest version of PSoC Designer.

    2. Delete this file from location: C:\Program Files\Cypress\Common\CypressSemiBuildMgr\tools