PSoC 3/5 not getting acquired by MiniProg3/DVKProg sometimes

Version 1
    Question: When I try to program a PSoC3, I get a "Can't Acquire Device" error.  What is the reason for this error?



    Following are two of the error scenarios when a PSoC3 the programmer is not able to acquire the device.  The below window opens when trying to program using MiniProg3:

    Following window opens while trying to program using the DVKProg, which is available onboard development kits like CY8CKIT-030, CY8CKIT-050 and PSoC 3/5 FTKs:

    One possible reason for this is if the device being programmed is in low power mode and gone to sleep, the programmer will not be able to acquire the device.  Under this condition, click on the "Port Acquire" button.  The programmer now issues a reset to the device and the device becomes available to acquire.  Following window opens when the "Port Acquire" button is clicked.


    Now click "Connect" and the below window is displayed.

    Click "OK" to close the window.  The device can now be programmed.