nvSRAM operation at ambient temperature beyond value specified in datasheet – KBA82775

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    Translation - Japanese: データシートで指定された値を超える周囲温度でのnvSRAMの動作 - KBA82775 - Community Translated (JA)



    Can an industrial temperature range nvSRAM part be used in applications where the ambient temperature occasionally exceeds 85 °C?



    Product quality and reliability are impacted by operating temperature. Our industrial temp range test programs weed out both parts that are immediately non-functional and parts that may become non-functional over time. Operating the parts outside of the specified temperature range moves the parts outside our reliability models. Also, when operating temperatures are exceeded, functionality and parameters are not guaranteed in those conditions. Hence, operating any part outside the operating spec entails an amount of risk.


    Our nvSRAM products were originally designed for wider military and automotive temperature ranges, and we have tested these wider limits in our labs. Selected products from the nvSRAM family are nearing completion of automotive qualification for production release in the wider automotive temperature range.


    For customers planning to operate the nvSRAM in a temperature range wider than the standard Industrial temp range, Cypress can create custom test programs (essentially a custom part with a custom, or CG, spec) that result in a product warranted by Cypress to the customer’s actual operating conditions. Price per unit will be higher due to the custom test setup, some additional yield fallout due to the higher junction and ambient temperatures, and the small job batch size; but, the result is a yielded product that is guaranteed to work reliably over the wider temp range over many years in the target application. If interested in getting a quote on this type of special testing, please contact Cypress Sales and marketing by creating a case.