CY8CKIT-001B KIT getting stuck at RS232 test

Version 1
    Question: My PSoC 5 Processor Module gets stuck at the RS232 test and does not work as described in the Quick Start Guide of the CY8CKIT-001B Kit. Why?




    The Self test program that was used to preprogram the PSoC 5 user module had a bug that caused it to halt at the RS232 test. This is an issue with the firmware that is used for SelfTest and it is guaranteed that hardware of the Kit has no issues. The working SelfTest programs for all the processor modules are attached along with this KB article.
    Please use the MiniProg3 that is provided along with the kit to program the silicon on board.
    The following SelfTest hex files are provided. Please take care to program the appropriate hex file.
    1. CY8C28 Family Processor Module – PsoC1_SelfTest.hex
    2. CY8C38 Family Processor Module – PsoC3_SelfTest.hex
    3. CY8C55 Family Processor Module – PsoC5_SelfTest.hex