Issue with Archos Jukebox on Mac OS X

Version 1
    Question: My Archos Jukebox takes a very long time to load on Mac OS X.  I downloaded the latest drivers, but it didn't help.  What could be the problem



    Please note that the Cypress is not the manufacturer of this Jukebox. The Archos Jukebox is a DOS formatted hard disk using the ISD200 chip.  The Jukebox depends upon the DOS filesystem to read the MP3 files off the drive. So, the user can't reformat the drive to something better.

    Mac OS prior to 10.1 did not support DOS formatted media.

    Mounting DOS formatted media in Mac OS X 10.1 and 10.1.1 works but is very slow to mount - several minutes for a large hard drive like Archos.

    The other issue that Archos customers should be aware of is the way Mac OS X Finder puts meta file information into directory structures.  For old filesystems that can't handle the meta-data, the Finder writes the meta-data as separate files.  One meta-data file for each real file (MP3s in this case).  These extra files cause headaches for the Archos player.  Thus, a user needs to copy files to the Archos Jukebox via the Terminal application instead of the Finder.