Termination of Input Pins in Sync SRAMs – KBA82779

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    Translation - Japanese: 同期SRAMの入力ピンの終端処理 – KBA82779- Community Translated (JA)


    Question: Do all the input pins need pull-up resistors for termination in Sync SRAMs?



    Pull-up resistor termination is recommended for all input pins. However, termination may not be required for control signals if the signal integrity looks good from SI simulations and the frequency of operation is less than 200 MHz.

    Some Sync SRAMs belonging to QDR II+ and DDR II+ have on-die termination (ODT) on data input signals, control signals (byte write select signals), and input clocks (K and /K clocks). For such SRAMs, external termination resistors are not required.

    QDR IV parts have programmable ODT for clock, address/command, and data inputs. Therefore, external termination is not required on these inputs.