Making the PLC Control Panel work with the CY3274 and CY3275 boards

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    Question: How do you get the PLC Control Panel to work with the CY3274 and CY3275 boards?



    The CY8CPLC20 PLC Development Kits require firmware to be programmed onto the boards for them to work with the PLC Control Panel, unlike the CY8CPLC10 PLC Evaluation Kits which support the Control Panel out of the box. Follow the steps listed below to setup your board to work with the GUI.

    1.   Install the PLC Control Panel onto your PC. The latest version of the Control Panel can be downloaded from
    2.   Install and run PSoC Programmer from the Kit CD or download the latest version from
    3.   Set the device family to CY8C-PLC-LED16P, programming mode to reset and enable Auto Detection. Plug the MiniProg provided with the kit into your PC.
    4.   The firmware for the CY8CPLC20 Kits (CY3274, CY3275) can be found in Control Panel installation folder. The default location for this is C:\Program Files\Cypress\PLC Control Panel\. The firmware for the PLC20 Kits is PLC20_FW_5.8.hex. Load the correct file for your kits from PSoC Programmer.
    5.   Make sure the device is powered and then program the board. Make sure the MiniProg is attached onto header J21 on the board.
    6.   After the programming is complete and successful, remove the MiniProg and reset the board.
    7.   You can now use Section 1.3 of the PLC Control Panel User Guide to connect and use the board with the GUI.