Configuring the USB serial number in EZ-USB (AN21xx/FX/FX1/FX2/FX2LP)

Version 1
    Question: How do we configure the USB serial number in the CY7C68013A?



    If you want to add a serial number to your descriptor file then you will need to assign a string index for the serial number field in the descriptor. Then you have to modify the string descriptor with that index into a serial number as shown below:

    Consider the descriptor below in the dscr.a51 (in the framework code provided for keil uVision environment this is the file that stores the descriptors) file as the device descriptor.

    db DSCR_DEVICE_LEN ;; Descriptor length
    db DSCR_DEVICE ;; Decriptor type
    dw 0002H ;; Specification Version (BCD)
    db 00H ;; Device class
    db 00H ;; Device sub-class
    db 00H ;; Device sub-sub-class
    db 64 ;; Maximum packet size
    dw 4705H ;; Vendor ID
    dw 0210H ;; Product ID (Sample Device)
    dw 0000H ;; Product version ID
    db 1 ;; Manufacturer string index
    db 2 ;; Product string index
    db 3 ;; Serial number string index
    db 1 ;; Number of configurations

    Following is the string descriptor if the serial number is 12345
    db StringDscr3End-StringDscr3 ;; Descriptor length
    db '1',00
    db '2',00
    db '3',00
    db '4',00
    db '5',00