ezusb.sys/CyUSB.sys compatibility with Windows CE platform

Version 1
    Question: Is ezusb.sys/CyUSB.sys compatible with Windows CE platform?



    No. The device driver models used in Windows CE and Win32/64 are not compatible. Currently we do not have a Windows CE version of ezusb.sys/CyUSB.sys. The source code of ezusb.sys can be obtained by installing EZ-USB_devtools package of CY3681 FX2(TM) DVK. ezusb.sys has not been tested in Windows Vista or later.

    We do not recommend ezusb.sys for new designs. Please use our latest driver CyUSB.sys available through Suiteusb. CyUSB.sys is more advanced in terms of features it supports and you can find these details in the webpage of suiteusb.