Basics of Verilog and datapath configuration tool for component creation

Version 2

    Translation - Japanese: コンポーネント作成用のVerilogおよびデータパスコンフィグレーションツールの基本 - Community Translated (JA)


    Question: What is the Datapath configuration tool?



    The attached document answers this question and discusses the following:

    1.   Introduction to Datapath configuration tool
    2.   Limitations of Datapath configuration tool
    3.   Simulating a Verilog-based Component
    4.   Limitations of PLDs used for Component development
    5.   Primitives gates which can be used in a Verilog file
    6.   Limitations of the Datapath configuration tool in a state machine design
    7.   Datapath for streaming applications
    8.   Synthesizing tri-state logic in Verilog
    9.   Accessing configuration parameters from Verilog code