Using the USB-B registers for the SL811HS

Question: Under what circumstances would you use the USB-B registers and could you provide some example code on how to use the B-registers?



The B register set usage is the same as the A register set. You would only use both register sets if the SL811HS were supporting multiple devices.
 If you download the SL811HS-DK design files from the dev kit section of our website, you'll find a file called sl11h.h where both sets are defined. Here they are defined as:

#define EP0Control 0x00

#define EP0Address 0x01

#define EP0XferLen 0x02

#define EP0Status 0x03

#define EP0Counter 0x04

#define EP0BControl 0x08

#define EP0BAddress 0x09

#define EP0BXferLen 0x0a

#define EP0BStatus 0x0b

#define EP0BCounter 0x0c