Why do I get errors when trying to start the Eclipse IDE?

Question: Why do I get errors when trying to start the Eclipse IDE?



-1. The Eclipse IDE requires a Java Run-Time Library. Please see the Getting Started Guide in the CY3663 development kit for details on where to download a library from.

-2. As discussed in the Getting Started Guide of the CY3663 kit, Windows 98 machines require that the Initial Memory Environment be set to at least 2048 for Eclipse. Below are the steps to make the appropriate changes:

1. Locate the batch file (eclipse.bat). After the CY3663 CD is installed (default), this file can be found at:


2. Right click on the file eclipse.bat and select properties.

3. In the properties window select the Memory tab.

4. Change the "Initial environment" setting to at least 2048 (the total setting should be Auto) and click Apply.

5. Now you should either be able to start the Eclipse IDE by clicking on the eclipse.bat file, or by using the shortcut installed at:


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