Voltage and Current Rating of CY4640 Development Kit

Question: What is the voltage and current rating of the CY4640 board? Is there a suitable source for it?



The section 2.9 on Power of the CY4640 hardware user manual that can be located at C:\Cypress\USB\OTG-Host\Docs\CY4640, the EZ-Host board can receive power either from an external five volt wall transformer or through the co-processor connectors. When in standalone mode, the power from the external five volt wall transformer is fused on board by a fast acting non-resetable fuse at F1. A 3.3 volt regulator provides 3.3 volts to the logic on the board. When in co-processor mode, power is provided by the Cypress StrongARM SBC; five volts through J32 and 3.3 volts through J24 and J30.

The current rating for the fuse F1 is 5A and the current rating for the 3.3V regulator used is 3A.