Features of CY3663 EZ-HOST interfaces in DVK board

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    Question: What are the features of CY3663 EZ-HOST interfaces in DVK board?



    In terms of board design using EZ-HOST chip there are several ways of utilizing the chip USB Host and peripheral capabilities.

    For example Cypress CY3663 DVK based EZ-HOST board has the following features

    1. USB Ports:

        SIE1   -2 Host ports (HOST 1A, 1B), 1 Peripheral port (1A) and an OTG port.

        SIE2   -2 Host ports (HOST 2A, 2B) and 1 Peripheral port (2A).     

         These are the maximum USB ports interfacing available using EZ-HOST DVK.

    2. Four i2c eeproms are added to allow flexibility to switch between different firmware images.

    3. Using a 8 switch dip buttons user can manually select one of the eeprom to boot the image.

    4. Additional cypress CPLD CY37064 to add more flexibility in controlling 

         a. Seven segment display
         b. 4on/off Push buttons

         c. Dip switch

         d. GPIO [30:31].

    5. CY7C1021CV 64*16 ASYNC SRAM is added to provide external memory support for bulky applications (more than internal RAM size of 15K).

     CPLD based Seven segment display and On/Off push buttons are optional for customer designs. External memory support is needed only when size of the application firmware exceeds more than 15KB internal RAM size.